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Release: Texas Indies to Decide Tight Races

September 6, 2018                                                       For Immediate Release

Texas Independents to Decide Tight Races

Bastrop, Texas, 11:00 am: Independents are now the largest portion of the electorate, according to a 2018 Gallup Poll. These voters could become the “change” that many challengers claim to be. Today, the non-partisan, non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV) released “How to Organize Texas Independents“, a guide for candidates running in November. They urge candidates regardless of party affiliation, to help unify voters to avert an economic and political crisis.

LIV Board Member and author of “Uncle Sam’s Checkbook”, a quick-study guide to federal budget,” Jeff Harper, said,

“We independents share a deep concern about the growing national debt threatening economic stability. We also believe that the calcification of a two-party monopoly precludes the rigorous debate necessary to avert an economic crisis. Candidates running in tight races, like Beto v. Cruz and Kopser v. Roy (CD-21), would be wise to help unify independents for their own good AND the good of the country.”

Mark Miller, who won renewed ballot status for the LIbertarian Party by receiving enough votes for Railroad Commission in 2016, recently joined the Advisory Board of LIV. Miller said,

Voters deserve an open and competitive ballot. In no other sphere do we allow only two viable choices. In many Texas legislative races we have one so-called choice, which is not a choice. That’s why we must pass the Texas Voter Choice Act in the 2019 legislative session.” 

LIV focuses on political reforms, such as fair ballot access, independent citizens redistricting, protection of groundwater and ending eminent domain abuse. Since 2013, LIV has advocated for uniting rural, suburban and municipal voters to join with independent, non-aligned voters. LIV has urged voters to “step back from the party machines” to find a common purpose — bringing solutions to the table rather than tolerating continued discord.


For more information: Call 512-213-4511 or email LIV at :

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