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Release: Simsboro Aquifer Under Siege, Independents Pray for Abbott Intervention in Post-Harvey Wor

Bastrop, Texas, Thursday, October 5, 2017:  Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro — humanity only stewards it. Residents of Bastrop, Lee, Milam and Burleson counties are looking to enlist Governor Greg Abbott’s intervention in what they’re calling a manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the very slow to recharge Simsboro Aquifer by San Antonio’s Vista Ridge water project, aka “San Antone Hose”. The “Hose” is a “mega-permit” in the Simsboro just 30 miles east of the Governor’s residence, according to claims by the non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas.

LIV Board member and Simsboro landowner, Michele Gangnes said, “On Tuesday night, in the tiny rural town of Milano, Texas, we witnessed their typical arrogance when the purveyors of Vista Ridge forgot who runs Texas. They insisted that the groundwater district — Post Oak — ignore the three state representatives, one state senator and one county judge who weighed in — AND a veto by the Governor of Texas.”

Linda Curtis of Independent Texans PAC and a new local Austin pac, IndyAustin, said, “In the post-Harvey world, anything could happen. Donald Trump himself just pulled the plug on public-private toll road deals! So who knows what Greg Abbott might do, if asked by his neighbors living in the Simsboro communities.”

Details on the meeting in Milano are posted here, including videos.

For more information call Linda Curtis at 512-657-2089

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