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Nobody's Talking About It But Us

Have you noticed that candidates running in either party primary sound alike? They are too often the flip sides of the same coin, ignoring the issues slapping us in the face right where we live.

The "water war" in House District 17 -- Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee and Milam counties is a great example. Only Tom Glass, one of a few candidates who received LIV's five star-rating, talks about it. Glass, along with hundreds of landowners whose wells are plummeting, are talking plenty about it. They know the water beneath them is the most valuable resource on the planet and scurrilous profiteers -- public and private -- are wasting it.

In San Antonio, most progressives talk about climate change but fail to mention that San Antonio ratepayers are paying through the nose for the hose to move water into Hill Country for buildout over their own precious Edwards Aquifer!

Folks, Vista Ridge was always for buildout of high end homes in the Hill Country!

Progressives and conservatives talk a good game.

But does anyone believe the fairy tale that you can ignore

the two-party machines and be taken seriously?

We at LIV still encourage you to vote in the primary unless you Vistare a dedicated follower of a minor party -- the Libertarian or Green parties -- OR you want to

sign a petition for an independent candidate.

The tools to find out who is running in your area, what districts you're in, and with maps are listed on our Survey page:

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