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LIV Newsletter: Oct. 21, 2019

LIV Newsletter: Oct. 21, 2019

►Does LCRA need Bastrop’s groundwater? 

Why does LCRA Need Bastrop's groundwater

Does LCRA “Need” Bastrop’s groundwater? No, they don’t.

No, they don’t. In three days of hearings last week (and still underway today and tomorrow, Oct. 21-22), LCRA has brought it on their naked selves. By refusing to answer the question of why they need a mega-permit for 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater every year from Bastrop, they have opened themselves up to the accusation they too have bought in to making central Texas one big rotting real estate play. How is that?  Watch the KXAN report and read our full report here.

►Speaking of ratepayer abuse,
 did you see this article today? Town Relying on SAWS Stunned by Rate Increase

Elmendorf’s Mayor Michael Gonzales is quoted in the San Antonio Express News stating, “We feel your pain and frustration,” adding his own water bill last month amounted to $305. Bottom line is SAWS is a PUBLIC utility but under increased scrutiny for appearing to act in full concert with private interests by raiding ratepayers and a critically important central Texas aquifer. Isn’t it high time for YOUR action? After all, the buck stops in your pocket, unless you do nothing. Go to LIV’s Vista Ridge Page and start calling your officials all the way to the Governor’s office. It’s a simple ask — audit, oversight, step up and do the right thing because the buck and vote stops with YOU.

►So, this is news?!

Early voting started today, Monday, October 21 through Friday, November 1st. Election Day is Nov. 5th.

Your ballot will have 10 statewide constitutional amendments to vote on. 
Your ballot may also have local measures, including bonds and candidates in some local elections.

Visit this page by the League of Women Voters of Austin for info on Statewide Amendments and central Texas propositions and local elections. The Houston League of Women Voters’ voter guide should be online tomorrow, October 22, with lots more on local elections, including a VERY hot contest for Mayor. Do an internet search for more in your community.

• Redistricting Hearings, Houston (Oct. 22 & 23) • • Independent/Third Party Lawsuit Hearing, Austin (October 31) • • Corpus Christi Redistricting (Nov. 4) •

Saving and sharing this Mark Cuban Tweet for Prosperity, Posterity and Rodney Reed.

The Governor of Texas holds the power to stay this execution. We agree, Mark.  He needs to get it right.

Want to talk with other independents about any of the above? Feel free to post a comment below. It’s open, but be nice. We do moderate for political trolls who need not apply.

On that note, you opinionated non-trolls are cordially invited to LIV a little by becoming a dues paying member. Or to simply donate, including becoming a monthly sustainer.

Thank y’all!

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