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LIV Goes Local

The policy, not politics, non-partisan LIV is going local. Don’t miss our announcement below.

First, read this LIV news release “Little Bandwidth for Partisan Bloodbath.”Your next step: Visit our 2021 Lege Page — find your state rep & senator and state officials, especially the Governor and Lt. Governor. Kindly ask them to put aside their bickering and to put down their partisan weapons on Texas Elections. They must focus now to fix the grid and to investigate SAWS and Vista Ridge, before we have a water disaster. They can reach us at LIV directly and we’ll take it from there.

Partisan Bloodbath No Good for Most Texans

Yesterday’s House Elections Committee hearing had Chair, Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park), and Vice-Chair, Jessica Gonzalez (D-Dallas), struggling over the mike, resulting in having to redo the hearing! We kid you not. See Quorum Report here.

We’ve got news for both parties. Texas is neither red nor blue. It’s purple with about 8 million Texas independents — notice the small “i” — we’re without a party. Both major parties would do far better spending their time and big money spent on TV ads, courting the 50% or so of Texans who do not party hail. We don’t agree on much, but are universally turned off by the hyper-partisan horse-puckey overtaking our politics. We all — along with most Ds and Rs — want action BEFORE Gridzilla pictured here brings the next disaster.


LIV is moving now locally (where our officials get elected) — in your town, city or county or wherever you hang your hat in Texas.

  1. Do you live in Bastrop County? Like the brand NEW Bastrop LIV Facebook page.

  2. If you live in north San Antonio like the brand NEW N. San Antonio LIV Facebook page.

  3. In Austin, local LIV folks are looking at 8 local measures on the May ballot (early voting begins April 19.)

  4. Start your own local. Note: In the big cities, we are looking for more than one chapter.

SAVE THE DATE! April 12th forum online, “The Big Freeze: We will Not Forget.” Check our the lineup now. Reply to this message with your name, city or County, email us here, or give us a call at 512.213.4511

Become a dues paying member of LIV for as little as $10 and/or volunteer.

Be sure to like our main LIV Facebook Page (and/or invite your friends.)

If you tweet, follow us on Twitter.

PS Don’t forget to share the local Facebook pages with folks you know in those communities. Thank you.

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