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LIV first, First Monday Forum — Voter Survey & Desired Future Conditions

We would love to see you tonight at 7 pm (Monday, Aug. 2) online or via phone call-in at our first, First

We apologize for the late message due to tech issues related to a storm in central Texas. That’s why we are sending this message through our old email system. 

Tonight we will talk about a survey — in DRAFT, see below — we have been testing on paper at Farmer’s Markets.

There are likely millions of Texas independents who are very reachable and willing to take corrective action to the problems in governance here in Texas. But, what are those actions? 

That’s what the survey is attempting to understand.

Before you join the call, please click on these two surveys and take them. Bring your ideas and questions to the call.

LIV Survey, Part I LIV Survey, Part II

Tonight, we will also talk about the water battle over desired future conditionsMichele Gangnes will be joining us from the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund.

Don’t miss this Texas Tribune article HOT OFF THE PRESS — San Antonio built a pipeline to rural Central Texas to increase its water supply. Now local landowners say their wells are running dry

If you missed last week’s LIV Newsletter, it’s a humdinger: Imperial Governance and Constitutional Wreckage

PS Click on the conference — Southern Family Farms — picture to visit the Event Page. Join LIV there in San Marcos, Aug. 8 thru 10 to volunteer or just y’all come!

PPS Mark your calendar for the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Public Hearing on August 18 at the Bastrop Convention Center.


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