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Independent Texans and our minor parties under GOP attack! Join us Monday night!

Why would the GOP attack Texas' minor parties, the Libertarians and Greens, rank-choice voting and try to harm independent candidates? Taking no chances as Texas becomes more competitive, the GOP establishment is on track to ram legislation that will disempower five million Texans who identify as independent.

We will review the bills for you on Monday night with THE ballot access expert in the US, our friend Rich Winger. We will also suggest a course of action for us all to join forces.

We'll see what else gets filed today, the last day to file most bills. And, then there are the tricks of the legislative trade we will face with amendments.

Perhaps the driving force behind the GOP's attack bills on minor parties is their intention to nip new and potentially more competitive parties like the Foward and No Labels parties in the bud.

Sign up to join us on Monday and bring some independent-minded friends. We could care less about their party affiliation (regardless of the primary in which they may vote) so long as they want more (not less) electoral competition.

Enjoy this from Independent Texans PAC on another GOP foot-shooting:


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