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Independent Texan, it’s redundant!

Independent Texan, it’s redundant! That’s right especially with 40% of Americans calling themselves independents

Did you notice the 2020 election is already underway?

Do you agree that the war between the two parties has small “d” democracy in the crosshairs, and is this unacceptable to you?

Do you believe the education, development and mobilization of non-aligned independent voters (a 40% plurality of America) could be key to carving solutions that most people can support?

TAKE THE INDEPENDENT VOTER SURVEY! Just like Pedro and Regina did before they offered their lovely video clips on our home page here.

►►►We also offer to you this News! SAWS CEO, Robert Puente is WAY Overpaid. Anyone want to guess why Puente, who leads San Antonio’s public water utility, is pulling down $600K per year (includes regular $100K yearly bonsuses) while Austin’s water CEO makes $205K, Houston’s makes $180K and Dallas’ $185K and receive no bonuses? Check out what top Texas water attorney, James Murphy, had to say about it.

Are you ready yet to join the only membership association that is educating, developing and mobilizing non-aligned independent voters right here in the great state of Texas?

That’s us right here at LIV. Join us! Dues start at as little as $10 per year. You can also donate to us any old time here.

Don’t forget! Do the survey and send your friends to our home page to do the survey, por favor!

And, don’t forget that LIV gave you that so true slogan — Independent Texans, it’s redundant!

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