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Independent positive candidates to swing into the political super bowl in November!

LIV proudly announces our five star-ratings for candidates running in either major party primary! Three Republicans and three Democrats! We know. We're not supposed to choose both sides, but that's what we independent voters do. Call it the Texas Swing!

Early voting starts on Valentine's Day -- tomorrow -- a day to love your right to vote by voting.

Statewide -- Joe Jaworski, Attorney General, Democrat
House District 17 -- Tom Glass, Republican (Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Milam & Burleson counties)
House District 114 -- Chris Leal, Democrat (Dallas)
Bastrop County Commissioner, Pct. 2 -- Clara Beckett, Republican (polls here)
Matagorda County Judge -- Bobby Seiferman, Republican (polls here)
Medina County Commissioner, Pct. 4: Loyd Richeson, Democrat (voting info here)

Note: These ratings are for CONTESTED races only. We will visit the candidates after the March 1 primary running on any party line and independent..

Remember, you will have to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot. Though you cannot split your vote in the primary, you can split your ticket in November.

We didn't make it easy for the candidates. Our survey is a 17 question in-depth "bread and butter, hold the red meat" survey. We also went beyond the survey to vet candidates.

Take the survey yourself here. Our survey page also explains how we made additional efforts to vet the candidates.

Early voting is Monday, February 14, through Friday, February 25. (No voting on Feb. 21, a state holiday.) Election Day is March 1.

Step up to volunteer for LIV at the polls.

Please consider becoming a dues-paying member or making a donation today here.

PS Don't forget the Interim Legislative Session coming soon as we await the interim charges from the Speaker of the Texas House, Date Phelan and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.


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