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Houston Sues to Defend Local Control Enshrined in Texas Constitution

Houston knows we have a problem.

One of our great Texas cities, the fourth largest city in the US, stepped up to the plate to defend every Texan's local control. Houston is suing the State of Texas for enacting HB 2127, the "super preemption" bill. The suit alleges the new law is a violation of the Texas Constitution.

Click on the picture to watch Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's press conference or to read the article.

Take note in the article of a quote from HB 2127's author, Rep. Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock). Predictably, Burrows wields his partisan axe, avoiding addressing why Houston sues to defend local control. We care not to print his deceptive words here. We believe that Burrows misled the Republican majority in the Lege on his partisan crusade. The result caught every Texan, including Republican voters, in his crossfire.

The lawsuit is posted here.

Stay tuned, y'all, and be sure to fill out our Test Survey -- Texas Independent Voter Survey. There's a question about local control.

We may also have more discussion at our next online forum. Sign up to join us with Super Lawyer Susan Hays on Monday, July 10th here.


For you deep dive readers:

LIV published our own in-depth article about HB 2127 on June 8th, "How the Texas GOP lit its hair, and every Texan's local control on fire."


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