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Good Bills, Bad Bills – join us Saturday!


Here’s the deal on the 2015 legislative session. It’s all about local control; instead of control by the King and Queen lobbies — real estate and oil and gas.

Last fall, Denton voters passed a “frack ban” on future drilling within the city limits. It was a perfectly reasonable ordinance for a densely populated city, but the oil and gas industry had a tizzy. No one stands up to those guys — except citizens. Now, there are concerted attacks going on in the legislature to curtail the citizens petition process AND the right of cities to even pass local ordinances. (Go here for more.)

Growing cronyism and corruption of state agencies is forcing a showdown — sooner or later. The Governor and legislators are making lots of promises. We shall see.

The good news it that we just might see what the convergence of both political parties allows even those well-intentioned legislators, in either party, to deliver.

For us at the League, our case is being made for us. There are likely over 5 million Texas independents. Many of them are young folks who refuse to jump into the swamp of two-in-one party Texas politics. We don’t blame them; we seek to provide them another option.

Invite us to your community. The legislative session gives us a great excuse to get folks together.

Yesterday, the newly elected State Rep. John Cyrier (HD-17), introduced House Bill 3163 at our request! HB 3163 would protect groundwater district board members from harassment lawsuits against them as individuals — like the one pending against members of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District by Forestar Real Estate Group. Please take a moment to send Rep. Cyrier an email to thank him.

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We hope you will participate with us in these important events!

*  Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Local Foods Day at the Capitol TOMORROW — Friday. Details here.*  AGAIN, don’t miss this Saturday, March 14, 3:30-4:30 pm LEAGUE CONFERENCE CALL on “Good Bills, Bad Bills”. This event WILL NOT BE TELEVISED.  Check our events section for meetings in your area or ask us to host one. * Terri Hall and Texas TURF are calling out the grassroots for the Toll Free Texas Day at the Capitol on Monday, March 23rd. This is quite an extravaganza involving legislators and even the new Governor. Register here now!

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