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Cuban Out for 2020

Yes, we know there’s so much going on your head is swimming. At LIV we say

go with the flow — pun intended!

Thanks to KABB-TV (FOX-San Antonio) for this excellent report on why a cross-partisan coalition is about to kickoff a petition drive for the SAWS Accountability Act. SAWS rates and Vista Ridge water waste is so scary even a pandemic won’t stop this creative homegrown petition drive — join in! Reply to this message if you’d like to help or call 210.807.7273. More at page.

In this newsletter:

• Mark Cuban, Shark for Democracy, Out for 2020:  Read Curtis at

• Teleconference Held on Vista Ridge Water Waste — Report here

* Senate District 14 Special Election: Bastrop Dems Forum with Eckhardt & Rodriguez: Updates include answers on right to protest zoning (CodeNEXT).

You’re invited to join our study group on Lee Drutman’s most excellent new book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop.

Reply or give us a call to join us.

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