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Canceling Wimberley — bad weather

We are canceling tomorrow’s event in Wimberley.

There is so much bad to severe weather on the radar for tomorrow, we decided not to do this to the folks driving in from across Texas

If you had planned to be in Wimberley tomorrow, please send us a note or call us at 512-213-4511 to let us know that you have received this message.

We’ll be back with a followup plan. For now, please plan to join us on our next Conference Call — Saturday, December 6, at 9 am. 

A note of encouragement from a showdown in the city of Austin last night. Brian Rodgers led a coalition across the city that struck a big blow to an incredibly foolhearty fast-tracked special interest plan for two highend golf courses at Decker Lake on public parkland.

We need to keep building a cross-partisan independent movement of citizens. I’m here for you to make plans for local meetings. Be in touch please.

PS This picture of Lake Travis is from 2006. It’s worse today.

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