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Bus to San Antonio rescheduled for Wednesday, October 8!

Sorry for all the confusion about the trip to San Antonio. We are NOT going today, we’re going next Wednesday as we now have a full hearing NEXT WEDNESDAY, OCT. 8TH, at 6 pm at SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL, 114 W. Commerce. Parking is available next door in the Frost Bank building.

So, dear Texans, wherever you are – if you value your water and your wallets – show up!

We will hook you up with a ride in your area or our bus to San Antonio to Remember the Ogallala!

Just reply to this message or call us!

There’s lots of hide-the-ball going on with this $3.4 billion shakedown of San Antonio ratepayers and the priceless Simsboro aquifer east of Austin. This hearing was announced last night by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce during the San Antonio City Council’s “open mike” session. It’s funny how they knew about it, but we didn’t.

There are risks to this kind of behavior by San Antonio’s business “leaders”. It is becoming clear that this too-risky $3.4 billion/50,000 acre-feet deal AND the draining of the slow-recharge Simsboro aquifer in Burleson County, is the Chamber’s deal. And if (or should we say when?) it goes south, and San Antonio ratepayers are left holding the bag, they cannot say we didn’t warn them.

We brought with us to San Antonio yesterday two landowners, Gary and Dorothy Gerdes of Giddings, Texas. They own land over the Simsboro — the most endangered groundwater in Texas. Also on the trip was Michelle McFaddin, an environmental and public finance attorney with 27-years experience. From 2007-2013, she was the lead attorney for infrastructure loans at the Texas Water Development Board. Read McFaddin’s fair warning of potential default she delivered last night here. Then read Linda Curtis’ fair warning about politicial consequences of the Vista Ridge deal here.

The true irony is that the raid on the Simsboro (with a recharge rate in Burleson County of just 2,000 acre-feet — read this) is through yet another “public-private partnership” with yet another Spanish corporation. This time it’s Abengoa. The last time it was CINTRA — for the Trans-Texas Corridor. CINTRA is fixing to default on the State Highway 130 toll road just east of Austin.

Be in San Antonio NEXT WEDNESDAY at 6 pm! Let’s urge the San Antonio City Council to slow down for a full public vetting of the Vista Ridge Project — before they vote on it on October 30th. They need to know that you give a damn about the Chamber’s reckless folly.

Call us to reserve a seat, hop a ride with others or tell us you’ll meet us there!

Did we tell you we still can use a few of your hard-earned dollars? Give on our secure website or send us a check to help get the pigs out of our trough!

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