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Before starting LIV, some of us gave the Austin Lobby a chance to end their dog and pony show

Before we started LIV, some of our founders gave the Austin Lobby a chance to end their dog and pony shows and give our communities a chance to make growth pay for itself.

They patted us on the head and went their merry marauding way to bring the world to Texas so fast we are losing Texas to those who are here only to make a big fast buck by exploiting and risking depletion and damage to our natural resources.

We cannot sit idly by and watch the destruction of our local economies with massive and gamed subsidies involving billions of public dollars. We cannot sit on our hands as our aquifers -- and our communities' water futures -- are squandered. And, we cannot settle for losing more farmland each year than any other state.

As a result, LIV is growing and with this growth come more demands on us to upgrade our online efforts and in-person volunteerism.

For this, we ask you to become a dues paying member (for as little as $10 up to $1000 per year) or to simply make a donation.

The major parties are making a full-blown independent electoral revolt inevitable. It may be the only way left to be peaceful and productive citizens.

Thank you ahead of time for whatever you can DO -- including you lovely volunteers!


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