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Bad election bill, SB 994, Sen. Schwertner, hearing Thurs

We're not really sure why Senator Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown) appears to have a thing for minor parties and independents. His SB 994 discriminates against minor parties by forcing their candidates to pay filing fees that simply go into the general fund. Major party candidates' filing fees help pay for their party primaries. Minor parties -- the Libertarians and Greens -- pay for their own nominating conventions.

SB 994 has already passed the stacked Senate State Affairs Committee. The Senate was not fully behind this bill, though it was passed.

SB 994 up for a hearing in the House Elections Committee this Thursday.

We're hoping that the more balanced House Elections Committee will give SB 994 a fair hearing on Thursday, starting at 10:30 am.

We suggest you join us at this hearing. If you can't make it, watch the hearing online and weigh in on any of the bills after you hear the arguments. Remember, you have to post your comments before the hearing ends. Instructions and details are contained under the link below. But, if you need anything give us a call or email us. Thank you!

PS Schwertner is not the only legislator who has a "thing" for minor parties and independents. We'll tell you more real soon.


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