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ALERT! Local Control or Controlling the Locals?

Are you so busy you don't know whether to scratch your watch or wind your butt? We understand! Let LIV give you some home trainin'. :)

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Tomorrow, Monday, March 27, at 9 am. Good for the Bastrop and Lee County Commissioners Courts! Bastrop Commissioners will consider this resolution (similar to the one already passed by the Lee County Court), asking the Legislature to grant them the power to decide if Austin can store water in aquifers underlying Bastrop County. Thanks to the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund, the Giddings Times, and Lexington Leader, you have all the dish here. Read LIV's in-depth article on ASR here. Show up to show your support, whether you speak or not.

ALSO, Tomorrow, Monday, March 27, starting at 9 am, is a Senate State Affairs Committee meeting at the Capitol. Here's the notice. We're concerned about SB1705's proposed by Senator Mays Middleton (R-Galveston) possibly unintended consequences making all parties hold primaries to nominate their candidates. Will this harm or help the Libertarian Party of Texas or new parties, Forward or No Labels? We hope to learn more tomorrow. Join us or watch here when the time comes.

ACTION -- GOOD WATER ALERT! On Tuesday, March 28, at 8 am, five favorable bills are up in the Natural Resources Committee! Don't let the big water hogs gobble up these bills. Show up, if you can, or weigh in online. Thanks to the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund, you have all the dish here. Reach us at LIV if you need anything, including transportation. Call 512.213.4511 or email

Thursday, March 30th, Bad Bill: HB3611 (Cain, R-Deer Park) seeks to make preferential voting (such as RCV, rank-choice voting) illegal in Texas. Hearing Notice here. More here from our friends at RCV for Texas.

April 3, 4, 5: INC '23 Austin Conference

Independent National Convention, April 3, 4, and 5th in Austin, Texas

LIV is participating in this independent conference held at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, especially on Tuesday, April 4th. Can the independent movement unify? We'll see!

Note: If you have financial difficulties with the ticket price, see the options at the bottom footer on the right of the conference page or give LIV a call.

LIV has a breakout room scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, at 12:30, during the lunch break. We will provide an overview of legislation -- good, bad, and ugly -- impacting independent voters, minor parties and new parties. We will discuss how to overcome challenges to getting on the ballot.

Most important to us is the extent to which there is little bottom-up organizing of millions of independent voters going on. We are eager to share our thoughts with you and to hear yours.

LIV's Linda Curtis will also be Tuesday's "Local Organizing" forum panel.

Note: If you see people you don't like, keep looking ,as you'll probably find some folks you do like. It's a wild cross-partisan event.

The legislative session ends on May 31st. Get your independent move on, y'all.

The Wall Street Journal wrote this solid article about the meeting last week with Gapped Bass LLC (an Elon Musk-related company) and TCEQ here. If you were turned away from this meeting, please reply to this message or call us and leave a message at 512.213.4511. Thank you!


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