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What's TikTok got to do with the price of tea in Texas? Open primaries.

Pictures of Greg Abbott, Jeff Yass and TikTok logo
King Greg and Jeff Yass, TikTok investor and school voucher advocate

The price of tea in Texas is this. It's the $6M donation -- the largest in Texas political history -- to Gov. Greg Abbott from TikTok investor and Pennsylvania resident, Jeff Yass. The money was given to push vouchers in rural Texas where Republican legislators refused to go along to get along in no less than four legislative sessions called by King Greg.

Take this in, dear Texas independents -- those who vote for the person, not the party -- numbering in the millions of Texans including primary voters!

What's TikTok and the price of tea in Texas got to do with it? The Republican primary ballot contained 13 non-binding referendums. Proposition 9 was the least popular, though it handily passed at 72%. It posed: PROPOSITION 9: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TEXAS SHOULD RESTRICT VOTING IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY TO ONLY REGISTERED REPUBLICANS.

Thanks to the honest conservative news at The Texan, we were warned about how the stage was set for this in 2022 when the Texas GOP changed their rules to exert more party control. Then, on Super Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the move was made to close at least the GOP primary. We have no idea if Jeff Yass supports this move by the Texas GOP to consolidate power. All we know is that Yass lives in one of the 29 states with a closed primary.

photo of Greg Abbott with crown on head
King Greg Abbott, really just a Governor

Here's something you can do to help readjust the crown on Gov. Abbott's head. Call the Governor at 512.463.2000 and tell him you want competitive elections, not fixed ones. Then donate or become a member of LIV today:

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Your chance to go independent!

Picture of Rep. Reggie Smith
Rep. Reggie Smith, R-Sherman and a reasonable rural guy.

Note: The reasonable and respectful Chair of the House Elections Committee, Rep. Reggie Smith (R-North Texas), was defeated in the GOP primary. Will closing our long-held open primary and marginalizing independents even more than we already are, be on the agenda? Last time we checked, bears still poop in the woods.

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