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VanDeaver & Burns Experience

VanDeaver Ad
Gary VanDeaver, the war on rural Texas

 Independent Texans PAC also played a minor role in two high-stakes State Rep GOP runoffs.

Gary VanDeaver talks about the "quiet war" on rural Texas and its resources in this campaign ad.

We're excited to report that Rep. Gary VanDeaver for House District 1 (northeast Texas) who voted against the Governor's school vouchers, won his GOP primary runoff. VanDeaver is an exceptional legislator and community leader. It will be interesting -- and telling -- to see if he is back-benched along with any other legislators who refused to "wear no man's collar," in the words of Davey Crockett.


We're sorry that we cannot report the same success for Rep. DeWayne Burns. another exceptional leader in water resources and eminent domain reform. But the "new" Texas GOP is headed in a different direction and sowing the seeds of destruction of one-party rule.

What Was Learned in the VanDeaver & Burns Experience

The IT PAC simply did not have the funding ability to break through these high-stakes races with its sassy, fun, and hit-the-nail-on-the-head 30-second videos still on Independent Texans' home page with footage from the hit movie "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Too bad for all involved.

For more background:

What's Next for the Texas Independent Movement?

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