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URGENT! Chapter 313 subsidies to clear-cut forest in Bastrop for solar farm?!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do the people who submitted a proposal for $20 million in government subsidies for a solar farm to clear-cut a forest south of Elgin give a hoot about the Bastrop community where the state's most destructive fire took place? Approximately 1.5 million trees died.

Chapter 313 subsidies were supposed to end this year, but the Legislature left the door open for years of abuse.

What can YOU do?
1. Click on the picture above, watch the short video and sign the petition by farmland preservation leader Skip Connett, who helped found Friends of the Land.
2. Reach out to officials on the school board or other local officials to request they help convince the school board to turn down this bad deal. Note: Friends of the Land nor LIV oppose all subsidies or solar farms. This one stinks as did the Rosanky (Bastrop County) solar farm subsidy which clear-cut 1200 wooded acres. Here's the application for this project -- Elgin ISD No. 1947, Dogwood Creek Solar LLC -- online at the Comptroller's Office.
3. Share this article across Texas. (See share buttons at the bottom of this page.) If you have a problem subsidy in your community, contact us.

Now, good people across Texas, take action or forever hug your trees and hold your wallets!


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