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Transportation Transparency Transgression

A transportation transparency transgression involving billions of potentially misplaced transportation dollars could happen today affecting all of central Texas. It’s so bad, you have the two key transportation leaders (Republican and Democrat) in the legislature hitting the pause button!

So, pick up the phone or write your email now!

Leaders of the transportation committees in the Texas House and Senate, east Texas Republican Senator Robert Nichols, and south Texas Democrat, Representative Terry Canales, according to the Austin American-Statesman on April 8:

“Hit pause on a pivotal vote related to a proposed massive expansion of Interstate 35 in Austin amid fears of free-falling tax revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

LIV friend, Roger Baker, who has followed transportation planning in central Texas for decades, also wrote about the letter from the Travis County Commissioner’s Court expressing serious displeasure with the process and inaccuracies contained in the report that could be rushed through today:

“The CAMPO planning process has degenerated into an embarrassing non-transparent mess without a price tag. It is arguably worse than the new letter from the Travis County Commissioners Court to CAMPO implies. This broad criticism primarily applies to CAMPO’s road planning and funding.”

Right now, call or email your representative on CAMPO, listed here. Ask them to delay the vote today!

Be sure to read our report last week about the transparency transgressions at SAWS related to the San Antone Hose and take action there too.

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