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Town Hall Water Meetings Tuesday July 17

The Town Hall Water Meetings Tuesday, July 17, at the Paige Community Center are

LCRA joins the Siege on the Simsboro

Try to reserve a seat but if you decide last minute, just come on over at 4:30 or 6:30 pm!

at 4:30, 6:30 and, if those fill up, at 8:30 pm. Though this is a free event, we suggest you try to reserve a seat due to somewhat limited seating. (And, please share this post using the share buttons on this page.)

To reserve a seat you can reply to this message with your name, address and which time slot you want to attend OR please call 512.333.0252.

Michele Gangnes’ commentary in the Bastrop Advertiser edition of Saturday’s Austin American-Statesman explains why you don’t want to miss it. She warns:

►”When LCRA announced their deal with the Boy Scouts in 2015, they teased us with benevolent words — they pointed out the water is “well located” to help meet Bastrop County’s projected water needs. The potentially local project has now morphed into a full-blown export project. LCRA won’t say where the water will end up other than disappearing into LCRA’s huge water delivery system. The prevailing rumor is that the water will be piped to Austin to offset that city’s Highland Lakes demand.”

For lots more background on this permit, please visit this page at Environmental Stewardship.

Hope to see you on Tuesday and do spread the word. Let folks know that they are welcome to come last minute but reserving a seat guarantees they’ll have one.

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