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Topple the Turkey Giving Tuesday

Topple the Turkey Giving Tuesday, December 3rd. Giving Tuesday is a worldwide GIVING day.  But don’t worry if you miss this deadline. We’ll be at it all month. Click on this 1 minute video, watch the turkey topple and do share!

Our world is capable of incredible giving and incredible taking. Which side we are all on is a daily choice.

Tomorrow and all month, join LIV’s efforts to give to our incoming generations. Here’s how — don’t forget number 3:

1.  Give a tax-deductible contribution to the water defense fund — Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund. If you are able to give on Facebook, your deductible donation is also eligible for a match — but do tomorrow (Tuesday) right at 7 am for the match! Go here to SAWDF’s Facebook page – look for the donation button on recent posts. Or, to send a check or to give online anytime this month. Visit the SAWDF website here, and

2. Give to LIV to help us Topple the Turkey — Vista Ridge. Seriously, your donation to the non-profit LIV, though not deductible or matched, will fuel the fight for an independent managerial, legal and financial audit of the Vista Ridge — San Antone Hose. To give online or to send a check to the non-profit LIV, go here, and

3. Give your volunteerism — it is of equal importance to us here at LIV. Get involved anywhere in the great state of Texas! Remember, our issues (LIV calls them “Beefs“) are the sweet spot where Texans are already working across the partisan divide. We think that unity is required for positive change in America.

After you Topple the Turkey Tomorrow, Giving Tuesday:

Please note our next and most important meeting yet in San Antonio, is this coming Saturday, December 7, details here.

Our last post was all about Giving Tuesday. Visit our Giving Tuesday landing page for more.

We are delighted to share this must-read article, High Plains Race to Save Ogallala.

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