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The SAWS Act PAC is petitioning, petitioning, petitioning

The SAWS Act PAC is petitioning, petitioning, petitioning for a public vote on the SAWS Accountability Act.

We need your help to get a few more signatures to meet our modest goal for July signatures. We’ve started slowly petitioning to make sure we are following strict rules under COVID.

We’re about 130 signatures shy of this goal for this Friday.

You can also join our teams (like Reinette and Jas pictured here) out in the field petitioning safely at the running trails.

Reinette will even give you one of these nifty Face Shields.

Contact us if you need information OR, better yet, call the SAWS Act PAC at 210-807-7372.

No time but want to help? You can donate to the SAWS Act PAC –scroll down for where to send a check or to donate online.

Visit the LIV News blog for updates, but we have good news coming out real soon.

Thank you for your consideration, San Antonio amigos!

PS The City Council could put the SAWS Act on the ballot and save us the time, expense and worry of petitioning in a pandemic while San Antonio moves further into economic crisis. So wrong.

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