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The Real Winner of Governor's Debate

From Quorum Report's, Harvey Kronberg:

With Nexstar acquiescence, Carney succeeds in making debate non-event, insists on no audience and no re-broadcast even for CSPAN"

LIV suggests that you read Kronberg's review of the debate, explaining why it was Greg Abbott's consultant, Dave Carney, who really won it. Kronberg also posits that Beto O'Rourke may have done well but even that was thwarted. BUT, please read this only if you can handle the truth and nothing but the truth. Moreover, you should read it with this in mind. The fight for competitive elections goes on until this system we are stuck in fails. It is failing on its own accord. What will replace it is entirely up to us -- a cross-partisan movement of Americans who believe in civic (and civil) engagement, problem solving not problem-making, and continuing "the experiment," that is our small "d" democratic republic.

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