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Take Action to Avert a Manmade Crisis, Vista Ridge & pro-democracy reform.

We just held a conference call to discuss the controversial Vista Ridge (aka the “San Antone Hose) mega-water pipeline slated to begin pumping on April 15th and full bore pumping this summer.

You might remember, we started a municipal petition drive for the SAWS Accountability Act, but that’s on hold until the coronavirus crisis is over.

We all realized this is not a time to allow a totally manmade crisis to unfold on the most valuable resource on this earth — groundwater.

Therefore, the LIV Board has passed this Resolution and ask you to do the same with any organization or party you so choose — Delay Vista Ridge, Avert a Groundwater & Ratepayer Crisis. The resolution calls for local and state intervention to delay Vista Ridge until a performance audit of this unnecessary and risky project can take place. Take or send this resolution to your organization, especially the party conventions taking place this weekend.

Take Action Texas Pals! Get this out and reach your state officials and Governor Abbott!

  1. Again, read the Vista Ridge Resolution here and share it. Help advocate for it within any party organization you may choose as conventions continue to take place over the coming weeks and months. Any local or state organization can adopt it.

  2. Then, please send a message to Governor Greg Abbott to ask him to help delay Vista Ridge here:

  3. Then, reach your local and state officials. Go here to find your state representative and senator. And, when candidates reach you for support, ask them what they’re doing about this.

We have it posted on Facebook here.

We have also introduced this resolution into the Democratic Party Convention process — Making the Democratic Party the Democracy Party. If you are active in the Democratic Party, we hope you will approve and advocate for this resolution at upcoming conventions. Use the share links on the page.

Got questions? Give us a call at 512.213.4511 or email us at

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