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She’s baaack! Action please!

Gridzilla...she's back.

A water grid for mass movement of groundwater for real estate development is all kinda wrong for Texas!

She’s baaack! Action please!

You think California was a disaster? Texas here I come” — Gridzilla

Share this 40-sec video starring Griddy from our Facebook page here! A Texas water grid to move masses of groundwater to fuel growth in areas without their own water supply — is all kinda wrong for Texas. The California water model is a proven disaster, so why are some legislators ushering the grid to Texas, while others do little to stop it?

Only we Texans — together across all party lines — can stop Gridzilla.

Do this, won’t you?

1. Watch and share our Gridzilla 40-sec video. Then donate to the non- profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund at GoFundMe here. (If you’re in Bastrop today — Sat., March 2, from 12-4, you’ll see SAWDF with these yard & fence signs at the frontage road at Tractor Supply!)

2. Call your state rep and state senator (find them here) and ask them to pass groundwater and eminent domain reforms urged by the League of Independent Voters of Texas and our friends. Hearing on Eminent Domain is Monday (details here) & Tuesday on Water (hearing notice here). Note that Rep. Ashby’s HB 1066 could help the Vista Ridge – San Antone Hose — aka Gridzilla!

3. We’ll prep you on all of this at LIV Lobby Day here. Make a reservation — it’s free and we need to see your smiling faces in the flesh! If you can’t make it, watch the stream and make your calls!

Got questions? Reply or give us a call at 512-213-4511.

Tell Griddy to get on down the road, y’all. It’s YOUR water for now and for the next generation!

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