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SAWS Keeps Dumping on YOU as SD 14 Runoff is ON!

SAWS keeps dumping on you.

Now that Vista Ridge is pumping (full bore expected in August), San Antonio’s public water utility apparently thinks they can claim victory because they are “waterful”, a word they had the audacity to make up!

What the San Antonio City Council is allowing to happen to 1.8 million ratepayers, to landowners 142 miles away, and to a precious water resource — in the midst of a pandemic — begs for a serious head examination. You can help us make it happen, folks.

LIV’s Linda Curtis, was quoted in the San Antonio Express News on Wednesday stating,

“This project, Vista Ridge, and the rogue municipal water utility, SAWS, are deforming the entire paradigm for groundwater management.”

Check out SAWS’ response in San Antonio’s newspaper of record, having been called out by the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District for likely dumping at least a half a billion gallons of precious groundwater pumped by Vista Ridge from Burleson and Milam counties, into a creek-bed in San Antonio.

The SAWS Act PAC, has started petitioning for a public vote to rein in SAWS and for an audit of Vista Ridge. It’s headed for the May 2021 ballot when the Mayor and entire Council will be running for election. We need 20,000 signatures by the end of 2020.

Share this with your San Antonio amigos, por favor.

It’s called the SAWS Accountability Act. Print it out, fill it out and mail it – San Antonio voters only.


Senate District 14 — Horse Race Runoff ON! We told you a horse race is GOOD for democracy, though a pain

for the candidates. Former Travis County Judge, Sarah Eckhardt, was just a tad shy of the 50% plus 1 needed to win. She’s now in a runoff with Rep. Eddie Rodriguez.

Governor Abbott will soon have to set the date for a September or October runoff. Interested in helping engage the candidates in meaningful forums to discuss the issues? Contact us by reply to this message.

Meanwhile, read the Austin Bulldog piece, hot off the press.


Tell Congress the PRIME Act is the best shot for small livestock farmers and consumers:

The crisis facing small livestock farmers and ranchers is getting worse. In some areas of the country, farmers are being told that their USDA — or state-inspected slaughterhouse can’t fit them in until 2022 – two years from now! These farmers must still feed and care for their animals all that time, without getting income from them; many will go out of business simply because they cannot get their animals processed, even while consumers are clamoring for their meat.

There is a solution: the PRIME Act.

And the time to pass it is NOW, while the Senate is working on the COVID relief bill before its August recess.

Read and take action (a few well placed phone calls) recommended by our dear friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. You can do this, folks. Yes, you can!

Thank you. We’ll shut up for now.

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