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San Antonio City Council Turned Its Back on SAWS Ratepayers

Robert Puente, SAWS CEO, turned his back on the ratepayers, and was unanimously supported by a very nervous City Council.

Robert Puente, SAWS CEO, turning his back on the ratepayers, was unanimously supported by a very nervous San Antonio City Council.

Not surprisingly, the San Antonio City Council turned its back on SAWS ratepayers, unanimously voting for the rate hikes for Vista Ridge.

If you’re really up to it, watch the 5-hour video of this meeting here.

PLEASE NOTE:  On Wednesday, Austin Mayor Steve Adler spoke at an event in Bastrop, along with three other area Mayors. Adler offered nothing concrete about his plan to deal with Austin’s affordability crisis driven by unbridled growth. Any hard questions about how to protect Bastrop and Caldwell counties’ affordability, not to mention the aquifer to their northeast that is under continual siege, were not allowed from the floor. Shameful. (Sponsors: United Way, Bank of America, Bluebonnet Electric, Cap Metro, Goodwill, ACC and Community Advancement Network).

Frankly, it’s a relief to get to the next stage of the battle where the gloves come off.

We have expended our funds to get to this point. Please donate, if you can.

Populist revolts, outside the confines of gooey government, are lots more fun. Join us on Sunday.

PS SA Councilman Cris Medina did say he had been getting 100s of calls. Good for you, San Antonio…the “little people”, that is!

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