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Political Drunks on Notice: Indys Got Your Number!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

"I came to Driftwood from California last year expecting some peace. I can't believe what is happening to us." A petition signer at Dripping Springs Founders Day, April 24, 2022.

The political drunks pushing growth -- and us --- off a cliff, leaving us with few tools to protect our land and water, are hereby put on notice -- the independent movement has your number!

Be NOT confused, voters! You will be voting throughout the month of May, and we're already in early voting. Use this page at the League of Women Voters, your county elections offices, and don't forget local electric coops!

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Elections in May -- don't be confused!

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Grid Collapse, Should-Be Front Page News, from Paul Robbins.

Rick Perry's Poodle in HD-17, home of the water wars.

Endorsement News! Kathi Thomas for Pedernales Electric Coop.

Who Does This? Alfred E. Puente.

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