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LIV Update: Nearly $900B National Defense Authorization Act passes House bill with automatic DRAFT registration. Join us Monday, June 17 @ 8 pm!

Should political independents let the two-party U.S. war machine grind down our economy, along with hundreds of thousands of Ukraine's young people, and support a genocide in Israel?

Obviously not. But, what can we actually do? The first step is to talk about it. The second step is to recognize that independent politics is irrelevant in the absence of thorough political and civic education.

On Friday, June 14, the nearly $900B National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the U.S. House (217 to 199) on a largely party-line vote, with most Republicans supporting passage. The bill will now move on to the U.S. Senate for extended debate. The NDAA contains language for automatic registration for the Draft, something not seen since Vietnam.

Tomorrow night, Monday, June 17, at 8 pm we will have an open discussion about what war and peace have to do with the independent political movement. RSVP here.

Before or after tomorrow night's discussion we suggest you watch this presentation by Professor John Mearsheimer at the Centre for Independent Studies that has gone viral. The world's most recognized international political science scholar, John Mearsheimer, also covers Iran in this very important presentation.

John Mearscheimer at the Centre for Independent Studies
Mearsheimer, a gift to the world's discussion on international affairs and anti-interventionism.
Go here for Mearsheimer's presentation, "Why Israel is in Trouble".

Please note that tomorrow night's discussion is open to any topics covered in this post and in the most recent LIV News here.

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