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LIV Newsletter, October 8, 2019

LIV Newsletter, October 8, 2019

A new LIV member recently asked us this very important question. Why are we so focused on water?

We’re not. We’re much more focused on gold. The gold rush is on in Texas for our most valuable resource — groundwater — as big real estate has turned central Texas into one big real estate play.

So on that cheerful note, here’s the good news.

  1. San Antonio Water System’s Vista Ridge behemoth got a little comeuppance on KSAT-TV, thanks to our growing cross-partisan team in the Alamo City. We might be cross, but we’re not partisan. Enjoy the KSAT report! (Note: the 52% rate hikes are already in place…anything goes after 2020.)

  2. The Vista Ridge privateering water marketers, who seem to think they own the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District in Burleson and Milam counties, might be wrong about that. Read our report and help us get ready for the next round. Date not set yet.

  3. The wonderful water watchdogs; scientists, attorneys, residents and landowners at Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense and Environmental Stewardship, have an urgently important hearing on ANOTHER mega-permit demand — this one, by the LCRA — for 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater in the Lost Pines District — Bastrop and Lee counties. It’s at the Bastrop Convention Center starting on Oct. 15 and lasting up to 6 days. If you can get there, do it please. Read this SAWDF release and this ES post.

  4. Though LIV does not endorse candidates, it’s important for you to know there is someone running for Houston Mayor who actually is talking about the real deal for Houston — flood control and political reform. Read Bill King’s blog here.

  5. Did any of y’all see Austin Mayor Steve Adler in the news recently talking about how those pesky petitioners need stiffer petition rules? What has the Mayor been smoking these days, other than his competition? Y’all Austinites better get your LIV game on. We’re waiting for you.

  6. Redistricting hearings are on this week in Worth and Dallas. Look for LIV’s own Jeff Harper or call him at 512.999.2701. Details here.

  7. We hope to see you in San Antonio at the next SAWS Rate Advisory Committee meeting on October 16, 6 pm at SAWS. Reply for more information or call us.

  8. Did you see this crude oil pipeliner decided not to traverse the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone? Good deal!

  9. We just got word about this EPA hearing on changing some methane emission standards to be held in Dallas on October 17th. It’s the only one in the USA! If you can be there, we have some comments from LIV we’d like to share.

Donate or just pay some membership dues, if ya haven’t already, will ya?

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