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LIV News, September 9, 2023

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Photo of Chap Ambrose and Billboard
Chap Ambrose, Keep Bastrop Boring

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED AND WILL NOT be held on Sept. 16. IT WILL BE RESCHEDULED!: We are looking forward to our Texas Water Challenges Forum. It is NEXT Saturday, Sept. 16 from 4 to 6 pm. We're honored to have Chap Ambrose, Keep Bastrop Boring, Elon Musk's neighbor, to discuss industrial development upstream of Bastrop, an overview of environmental regulations, and his personal experience with regulators for Bastrop" downstreamers". In this LIV News Edition:

  • Hot off the LIV Press! Take LIV's 1-minute survey about the Republican and Democratic Presidential Debates or lack thereof -- click here!

  • LIV News Exclusives:

    • Judge Gives HB 2127 Attack on Local Control the Boot! -- here (also below)

    • The Fix on Ken Paxton -- here! (also below)

==> Action Request -- farms not bombs! Call your Congressional Rep after reviewing FARFA's small farm legislation for insert into the Farm Bill! ==> Must Reads: Bound to Lose by the brilliant Prof. John Mearsheimer on Ukraine.

Andrew Yang Urge's Biden Break Precedent and Debate RFK, Jr.

Thank y'all! from LIV!

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