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Call your member of Congress.

Tell them you want bread and butter, not bombs.

  • Our friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance weigh in against forced and anti-competitive electronic animal ID. Big Ag is at war with small and medium farms and it's killing small farmers and the rights of consumers to local healthy food supply. Call. your member of Congress right away, All the info you need is here.

  • He has been transformed into a living symbol of the progressive elites’ abuse of power and contempt for the principle of equality,” much to the dismay of many who are getting ready to vote for him whether he's in jail or not, thanks to the Democrats! Thanks to the reliably independent conservative The Texan -- not on Dunn's payroll: The Aristocrats Who Martyred Trump

Central Texas:

Photo-graphic, Texas Monthly
From Texas Monthly: Elon Musk overlooks local farms

CALENDAR of Events

  • Monday, June 17, 8 pm, join LIV on Zoom to discuss, "Blessed Are the Peacemakers." We will discuss any and all content presented in LIV News, on June 11th, particularly focused on the Breaking Points interview with Prof. John Mearsheimer on Ukraine and Israel. RSVP here. We will make some plans for LIV Action.

  • On July 12, a truly open presidential debate hosted by the Free & Equal Foundation will be held at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. You can also watch online. Details here.

  • On August 5-6, LIV will have an exhibit at the Southern Family Farmers and Food Systems Conference at Texas State University. Lots more here. We hope to see you there!

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