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LCRA Water Grinch of 2018. Forces legal hearing 6 days before Christmas!

The Grinch of the year is surely the LCRA.

The Lower Colorado River Authority is pushing hard for a redundant and massive water grab of Simsboro water 8 days before Christmas.

The move is bad news for all Texans given its potential impact on water policy. In essence, “The California Water Model”, an already proven disaster is proceeding in Texas at the behest of the real estate lobby and their minions on public office.

The ancient Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer underlying Bastrop, Lee, Burleson and Milam counties does not recharge in human terms. But this hasn’t stopped privateering Recharge (aka End Op), the San Antonio Water System (Vista Ridge aka the San Antone Hose) and now the LCRA, a quasi-governmental agency.

LCRA lawyers pushed for a legal hearing tomorrow —

December 19, starting at 10 am at the Bastrop Convention Center.

You can reach Sen. Watson and ask him what he is going to do to stop LCRA at 512-463-1114. Watson sits on the Sunset Commission, represents Austin and all of Bastrop County and has been silent on the LCRA grab.

We share this message from the non-profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund with additional details. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation online to SAWDF or come to the hearing tomorrow and grab some home-baked goodies to die for.

That’s right. Landowners are facing Goliath with a bake sale – the spirit so fitting for this pre-Christmas occasion! Come get some tomorrow!


It’s Christmas time but for whom we might be asking.

This Sunset Advisory Commission, whose charge is to review state agencies, just conducted a limited review of LCRA. They held a hearing on December 12.

There were 20 witnesses who spoke at the top of the hearing.

They were Bastrop landowners, Austin environmentalists, Highland Lakes protectors and one 30-year water professional, James Murphy, singing a very similar song — protect us, LCRA, do your job like you did during the recent flood. Stay out of groundwater.

Truthfully, James Murphy stuck out like a sore thumb. He is a Bexar County resident, who has been making the rounds, stirring the pot by lending his impressive expertise to the good fortune of Texas water policy. He is the Christmas gift to the Simsboro.

We lift this quote from Murphy’s testimony:

Texas groundwater policy has been hijacked by private speculators bent on manipulating local governments to the tune of billions of dollars in unnecessary and duplicative groundwater projects.  Governor Abbott has warned Texas not to follow the “California model”, yet it seems LCRA is intent on doing so.  Ironically, California is now investing billions in an effort to undo the damage to both the economy and environment caused by unrestricted groundwater mining at the very time LCRA is leading Texas down the same path with no regard for the costly ruin that lies ahead.

Murphy is at 1:32:35 followed by a telling interchange with respected Houston State Rep. Senfronia Thompson.

For the many of you who want to know what our plans are. We’re working on it.

Should we continue building new alliances (across party lines and across the state) uniting voters outside the parties for the common good of all?

The answer to that question lies with you.

You can help by:

  1. Becoming a dues paying member of the LIV or simply donating.

  2. Stepping up to get active in LIV. We’re headed for lots of activity in the upcoming legislative session on election, water and land reform. (Reply if you’re interested in details.)

  3. Building an LIV chapter in you area. We’re holding a meeting on January 12, shooting for Caldwell County (likely Lockhart.)

We wish you all the very best holiday ever and a peaceful – unifying — New Year!

Please join us to build a 36-member geographically representative Board across Texas in 2019!

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