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In memory of David Van Os, Texas working class hero.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Photo Credit: Civil Rights in Black & Brown Oral History Project at TCU accessed here.

David Van Os, who passed away on January 3, 2023, after several years of struggle with cancer, will remain in our hearts and minds at LIV. He was truly a hero for the Texas working class as a dogged labor and civil rights attorney.

David was a captivating speaker with deep roots in Texas and a profound knowledge of Texas history. He was interviewed in this mesmerizing video series by the Civil Rights in Black & Brown Oral History Project.

David’s wife and longtime compatriot, Rachel Barrios Van Os, posted this on her Facebook page, receiving well over 400 comments as more continue to stream in:

“David was a life-long Attorney and Advocate Of, By, and For the People since 1976, and he represented and fought long and hard for our Labor Union friends and families for over 45 years.”

A LIV founder, Linda Curtis, said this about David:

“In 1992 when we first met, David was a true-blue progressive populist. He never became a phony like too many progressives these days. He was also brilliant and independent, despite his lifelong commitment to the Democratic Party. He was one of the few Democrats supporting an alliance with the independent movement. I will never forget him and his wonderful firebrand orations and his unadulterated decency.”

There are two celebrations of life for David, who lived in Austin and San Antonio for many years. We hope to see you at either or both.

Celebrations of Life for David Van Os

Sunday, February 19, 2 – 7 pm

Magnolia Gardens on Main

2030 N. Main Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78212

Sunday, February 26, 2 pm

Eastwoods Park

3001 Harris Park Ave.

Austin, TX 78705

The San Antonio gathering: it will last longer than usual, but we have many family members and friends coming in from out of town, and we want to make sure we have time to talk and meet with everyone. We will have food catered with light refreshments and beautiful music. Our family looks forward to seeing those who plan to attend. Rachel has requested you to RSVP via Text message or phone call to 512-923-1032.


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