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Important for Bastrop County Voters!

Hopefully, you already know that early voting started today (Monday, June 29) for the major party runoffs. And, here in Bastrop is a hotly contested Special Election for Senate District 14 to fill the remaining two years left on the term vacated by Sen. Kirk Watson. Visit our SD 14 page for our extensive questionnaires filed out by 4 of the 6 candidate running.

This message is only relevant in Bastrop County — that we’re aware of. And this message is only relevant to you if you are voting by mail.

Numerous ballots mailed to the Elections Department in Bastrop County have been returned to the sender. We believe this is due to the Postal Service sorting machines detecting the return address label, which was placed on the back of the envelope by Bastrop Elections, and routing the piece back to the sender in error.

To help prevent your mail ballot from being returned to you, please take the following action: cover your address located on the back of the yellow mail-in envelope with pen, marker (prior to inserting ballot), white-out tape, etc.  DO NOT COVER THE BAR CODE and do leave your name there too. Again, just mark out your return address. (This bar code contains your Voter Identification Number, which allows Elections to process you as having voted.)

Please note that for all ballot by mail sent out after about mid-June, the Elections Department has already eliminated the address on the back of the envelope.

In the event your voted ballot is delivered back to you, please follow the instructions above. Also mark out any bar code affixed by the post office and put the envelope back in the mail. You can also contact the Election Administrator for alternate delivery arrangements at 512-581-7160. Please contact the TDP’s Voter Assistance Hotline (844-TX-VOTES) if you have any questions or concerns.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach us here at LIV.

Early voting started today, June 29 and goes through Friday, July 10. Election Day is July 14.

Happy voting, y’all!

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