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Imperial Governance and Constitutional Wreckage • LIV News, July 29, 2021

Are imperial governance and the related constitutional wreckage taking Texans down a dangerous path to a constitutional crisis?

These guys look tired, but not as tired as WE —  the people — are of them. Illustration: David Gothard, Wall Street Journal, Aug. 1, 2018

When first elected, the Capitol community had high hopes for Greg Abbott and the intellectual horsepower he brought to the game. Instead, they found a man willing to destroy the village – and not even in order to save it.” Harvey Kronberg, Quorum Report, July 29, 2021

What’s getting overlooked in the demolition derby between the two parties is fundamental. The wreckage of the institution of the people – the Texas Legislature. One party is stuck in D.C.; the other party is stuck in the mud and attacking the people who serve them — legislative staff.

We do not mean to minimize the differences, but think about this. The Governor’s veto of Article X of the state budget, unless there is a resolution soon, will result in real harm to people who simpy work at the Capitol. the withholding of pay and suspension of benefits to several thousand Texans who simply work at the Capitol. Their job is to serve us, the citizens.

What will the Texas Supreme Court do? Texans have known for a long time that justice is for sale here. The imperial court reversed course after the titan Houston-based oil company Apache Corp. contributed $250,000 in political support to justices seeking re-election. (Correction to the article. It was Apache executives who donated. Corporate contributions in Texas are illegal.)

We have two of the three branches of government tearing governance to shreds. The republic hangs in the balance of the third branch — the Texas Legislature.

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin

Who will take on Texas imperial governance?

The Inimitable State Senator Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo)

One of the few independent Republican Texans is Amarillo’s State Senator Kel Seliger. Seliger is a well-known conservative maverick. In his West Texas style, Sen. Seliger introduced a bill to take away Abbott’s line-item veto. Seliger tweeted,

“Vetoing this funding doesn’t punish legislators who left. It punishes regular hard-working folks who have nothing to do with voting for or against bills.  We now have less than 4 weeks before the veto eliminates pay for Capitol post office staff, researchers, caseworkers in district offices, those responsible for answering open record requests, etc…They have not left their posts but are worried about health insurance, rent, and paying for their children’s school supplies.”

Egberto Willies, the most inclusive progressive political activist!

Egberto is a fantastic author, blogger, commentator, businessman, software engineer, and pure political activist with a big brain and a heart of gold. Based out of Houston, he reaches tens of thousands of people every day across the country.

A recent caller into Egberto’s Politics Done Right Show was a man who furiously called him the “n” word. Egberto and the caller left the call as friends. 

LIV wishes to thank Egberto for carrying LIV news on his popular national blog at Tune in to his show at 3 pm, M-F, and to do the cross-partisan Egberto jig at Here’s LIV’s Linda Curtis with Egberto on, “Politics Done Right.

GOOD Water News from!

It may just be that local government becomes Texans’ savior from imperial governance.


he Bastrop County Commissioners Court passed this resolution urging the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District to reject the “desired future conditions” (DFCs). The Resolution states:

“We find that the proposed Desired Future Conditions do not establish the required balance between development of groundwater resources, and conservation and protection of those resources.” And further, “We support conservation and sustainable management of our aquifers and not management to depletion (mining) of their waters.”

Similar resolutions are circulating within the Groundwater Management Area 12 — 10 counties east of Austin.

In-migration growth is hitting these rural counties hard. Yet, profiteering water marketers, along with wayward public utilities (especially SAWS – San Antonio Water System — with their Vista Ridge water pipeline, aka “San Antone Hose”), are exporting masses of groundwater to the IH-35 mega-growth corridor. Groundwater is finite, but it’s the most profitable route because the Legislature has refused to give landowners who choose not to sell their water equal protections to those who do.

The California Water Model — moving masses of water to dry areas for real estate build-out — is a proven disaster. Despite the “don’t California my Texas rhetoric,” Texas is on the same collision course with its water policies that California is struggling to reverse.  

Landowners 40 miles east of Austin whose wells are going dry are the canaries in the coal mine. What happens if (when) the aquifers are damaged? Leaders in both parties are too busy fighting to pay much attention at all.

Some additional good news is this hard-hitting and well-researched article by Professor Heywood Sanders in the San Antonio Current. Sanders urges San Antonio officials to “stop playing nice” regarding CPS Energy and SAWS governance failures. Well done, Professor!

Mark Your Calendar!

Join the LIV “First Monday Forum” this coming Monday, Aug. 2, at 7. Call us at 512.213.4511 or email us for details.  We will visit on Desired Future Conditions and ask for your opinions in a survey we are developing. See Event Page here. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District hearing on Desired Future Conditions is on Wednesday, August 18, at 6 pm at the Bastrop Convention Center. See Event page here.

Please come visit our booth at the always terrific annual independent farm and local foods conference, at Texas State University in San Marcos, Aug. 8 thru 10. See Event page here!

Speaking of imperial governance, Rick Perry Triumphs Trump!

The American Eagle got the best of Rick, despite the voters’ misfire in 2006.

Ever since Rick Perry had his transportation henchmen ram the Trans-Texas Corridor (aka the “NAFTA highway”) down Texans’ throats, we haven’t had much use for him.  Perry almost lost his job over the TTC in 2006 with a paltry showing of 39%. However, you must admit that Rick is always good for a one-liner like the one in yesterday’s Axios about Trump’s failed endorsement (and Rick’s triumph) in the Texas Congressional District 6 runoff.

The Club for Growth PAC urged Trump to endorse the candidate who lost to the candidate backed by Rick Perry. Once the votes were in, Perry was quoted saying,

“We would just as soon the Club for Growth never darken the state of Texas again.”  Good one, Rick.

Corporate subsidies take BIG nosedive in Texas Oops!

Visit for more.

Something most Texans of all persuasions agree on is ending corporate welfare aka government subsidies. Oops, Texas forgot to renew the dreadful Chapter 313 subsidy program. The even better news is the possibility that this “mistake” could kill the program nationally. Special thanks to UT Prof. Nathan Jenson for this very helpful article in UT News.

To tell you how stinky this program is, a solar farm was granted subsidies (property tax waivers) by the Smithville ISD. Shortly thereafter the company clear cut 1700 acres of old oaks in the Rosanky community for a “renewable” solar farm.

Rodney Reed Updates

We refer you to these two Austin Chronicle pieces. Admittedly, the Austin Chronicle and we at LIV are biased. We think they got the wrong guy and everyone around Bastrop and Lee County seems to already know it. But, does the Judge? See this week and last week’s pieces by Brant Bingaman in the Austin Chronicle.

Friday, July 30th is expected to be the last day of the evidentiary hearing for Rodney Reed. It may take Judge Langley a few weeks to issue his ruling.

don't get bucked off, say no to imperial governance

Put your riding boots on, Texans of all persuasions. Say no to imperial governance!

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