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Here we were on January 6th

Here we were on January 6th, minding our own business just trying to get out this email alert and then this colossally stupid riot slaps us and the rest of the nation in the face.

This incident revealed that we are pathetically vulnerable. We have multiple crises in the country that so need our attention. The war between the two parties is a big distraction and needs to desescalate now!

We urge calm consideration provided by two respected independent voices — Glenn Greenwald and Texas political analyst Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report:

  1. Glenn Greenwald on “Violence in the Capitol, Dangers in the Aftermath”.

  2. Harvey Kronberg, with the permission to reprint by Quorum Report, “The Big Skim


The citizen’s coalition petitioning in San Antonio for the SAWS Accountability Act (due date, January 21st) faced a surprise holiday legal action that hauled them into court on Monday. Pro-bono attorneys, especially Save Our Springs’ Bill Bunch of Austin and James Murphy from San Antonio, done Petitioners proud!  Read “SAWS’ Tantrum in Court Cost Ratepayers & Who Approved it” fro m SAWS Act PAC.

Breaking News Today, Friday, January 8: Ace reporter for the independent San Antonio Report, Brendan Gibbons reported, “CPS Energy used same legal tactic as SAWS to stymie reform petition”.

For the citizens who live in the source communities for Vista Ridge (and 3 other mega-permits!), know that LCRA is pushing for a final hearing on a contested case. Read this release hot off the press from Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund and talk to your neighbors and officials.

What can you do?

  1. Drop your belief in the Big Scam – that the two-party system — and take our LIV survey.

  2. Get involved actively with LIV this year. Reply to this message or call us.

  3. It’s January, so please join or re-up your dues to LIV.

  4. Not a joiner? Donate here

Digging our way out of this mess is going to take some time, cool heads and some thoughtful organizing by people despite our differences. That’s what we here at LIV call democracy. It takes practice and patience!

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