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Happy New Year from the Dearly Departed Betty White: Forum Delayed to January 10th.

Didn't we all think Betty White was going to live forever?

It's a sad way to end the year, but we don't think she would have supported us crying in our beer. She had one heck of a life entertaining the world!

Click here for Betty White's outstanding performance on Saturday Night Live when she was "88 1/2" -- the joke about Facebook is priceless.

Farewell, Betty and Happy New Year to those of us still blowing kisses or just learning how.


LIV is delaying our Monday Forum to the following Monday, January 10th. We hope to have our survey for voters and candidates -- the 2022 Independent Texan Agenda -- to share with you on the call before it goes live.

Remember, this forum is for members only, so pony up your dues to help LIV grow in 2022. Thank you, have fun and be safe!

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