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Happy Independents Day: We're not a day late but we're a dollar short!

You're invited to our next LIV Forum -- this coming Monday, July 11, 7-8 pm. All are welcome to join us for a forum or two, but please know that these events are for LIV members so we can talk frankly.

Please become a dues-paying member of LIV or simply donate and get involved.

Visit the LIV News blog to make sure you're up to date. We will discuss:

  • The Southern Family Farmer's & Foods Conference in San Marcos, Aug 7 thru 9. Please note an important session on Monday afternoon about water! (See program here.) Early registration ends July 8!

  • Chapter 313 Subsidies, focusing on a solar farm in Elgin and clear-cutting 2100 acres of heritage forest.

  • Tax appraisal protests in Tarrant County, led by a realtor Chandler Crouch.

  • Keep Bastrop Boring -- we hope for an update.

  • What Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Company's disruption of Big Pharma has to do with independent politics.

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