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Guess who’s coming to lunch? Nitsch, Ellison, Van Os & Klein

Reminder!  The Texas gold rush on groundwater, your land and our elections are up for grabs! Can we grab it back? Join us tomorrow at Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections Lobby Day (Friday, March 24) anytime from 10-4 (preferably high noon) at the Capitol, room E2.002. And join us on Saturday at the Texas Populism Conference in Cedar Creek! (Read this overview before you come to either event — it will be in your extensive packets).

Saturday’s Texas Populism Conference in Cedar Creek is going to be a doozy with these new additions!

Julie Nitsch, ACC Trusteenew speakers!

  1. Texas populist Democratic firebrand, David Van Os

  2. Houston Property Rights, Barry Klein

  3. Austin’s 10-1 communications maven and daughter of East Texas, Jessica Ellison and

  4. Newly Elected ACC Trustee, Julie Nitsch ===►

Can we come together with a deep concern for the thing we at LIV cherish most — civil and smart deliberation for the greater good? We shall see!

We link to this fascinating discussion on Jonathan Tilove’s blog — this interview with ABC commentator Matthew Dowd, now resident of Wimberley. His consideration to run as an independent against Ted Cruz is not actually the most interesting part of this — he’s talking about his deep concern for deliberative small “d” democracy — our brand of populism!

►PS Don’t forget a VERY critical Vista Ridge hearing next Tuesday night 6:30 pm in Milano for Milam and Burleson counties! See our events calendar, share it or call us.

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