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Get Your Sign and Get Involved!


and more people are asking us how they can help and get involved in building the independent movement, so here’s your chance. Get your sign and get involved!

The Vista Ridge Project — the 142-mile water pipeline from Burleson County to San Antonio — will fully implement the disastrous “California water model” in Texas. This map is worth a thousand words: Click here to see the map.

If you live in Bastrop or nearby, join us on Saturday at 10 am until noon, at Coffee Dog (at Hwy. 71 & Loop 150, near Goodwill) to pick up this sign (they come free with membership that starts at just $10) and learn how you can volunteer.

Wherever you live in Texas, please join us on this Sunday’s conference call, at 6 pm (our calls are now every other Sunday at 6 pm).

Conference Call number:  (530) 881-1000, PIN106940#

With election season coming up, we want to bring our message into the debates across Texas. We’re gonna need your help to do it, so we hope to see you or hear from you.

This informative article “Rural Water Relief May Follow Drought Relief”, by our own League Board member, Michele Gangnes, was in last week’s Giddings Times newspaper.

Thanks to the many of you who came out to last Thursday’s Party. It was a blast — invite us to your community. Special thanks to volunteer Charlotte Gilman, Allen Penn for the poetry and Paul for your assistance!

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