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Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene.

Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene.

We want to know just who walked off with billions of ratepayer dollars, and how are we really going to fix the grid? Then, there’s the story of repeated refusals to guard our most precious resource — water.

This dereliction of duty leaves Texans to their own devices as neither party has called for the obvious – an investigation, a special commission and a special session.

We – Texas independents and others committed to policy not politics – must do what we can.

We borrow directly from the website below – TxFEB is a coalition of small retail energy providers and consumers:

  1. What Happened?

  2. During that devastating week in February 2021, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and ERCOT artificially set energy prices at the highest price possible because they thought it would incentivize generators to stay online.

  3. That was a massive mistake!

  4. No new generators came online, lives were lost, and $46 billion dollars ($4,600 per TX household) in erroneous energy costs were created that will soon be passed on to ratepayers. Worse, Texas can correct the error, but has chosen not to.

  5. What Can I Do?

  6. Take 30 seconds to enter your information into the pink form (at A secure system called Phone2Action will send an email to your Texas politicians demanding they correct this error, so that energy companies are not unjustly enriched.

From LIV – add a little more to your TxFEB message:

Please add to your message that you want a commission appointed and a special session planned to deal with the state’s most important infrastructure – the Texas grid.  Then, ask for an investigation of the SAWS/Vista Ridge Water Pipeline – a crisis unfolding in Texas water policy, that threatens the future of landowners, 1.8 million ratepayers, and their communities!

If you are in a groundwater management area (see GMAs here), get involved in the ongoing process of establishing the “desired future conditions” of our aquifers. (See number 2 below)

Most of your homework has been done for you, compliments of three all-volunteer organizations:

1. Water! There are two meetings this week we want you to be aware of.

  1. A virtual hearing in GMA-12, at 10 am on Tuesday, April 20th. Review this article posted at the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund site focused on damaged wells due to Vista Ridge pumping (the website will be updated with more information on landowner and property rights issues). Also, review this page at Environmental Stewardship.

  2. On Wednesday, April 21st at 7 pm, is the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting. Full discussion of the GMA-12 meeting is item 9. If you wish to speak on April 21, you have to notify the district by noon that day – see agenda and instructions.

2.  Remember, we cannot live without water and it better be drinkable. Uncapped oil and gas wells in Texas pose a serious threat of groundwater contamination. This new organization, Commission Shift, deserves your attention.

3. If you didn’t attend our “Big Freeze” forum on April 12, take the time now to watch the video and share the page. It was dynamic! Many thanks to our moderator, Mark Miller, and speakers Bill King, Virginia Palacios and Paul Robbins.

SAVE THE DATE! MAY 24, 7 PM: We haven’t yet settled on the topic for our next forum. Your input is welcome.

Thank you for your attention. There’s a lot to distract us, isn’t there?!

PS If you haven’t paid any dues starting in January 2021 to LIV and you want to be counted as an LIV member, please do — go to our membership page. It’s as low as $10 for year.

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