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Do Not Let the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Get Away With It

Do not let the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce get away with it! This Thursday, the San Antonio

City Council will vote on 50%+ water rate hikes (SAWS) mostly for Vista Ridge “the San Antone hose”.

If you agree it’s time for a SAWS ratepayer revolt, pass this message on to anyone you know in the SAWS service area. Even if they don’t vote for San Antonio City Council, they have a right to complain.

If you live in San Antonio or are a SAWS ratepayer: Do this today or tomorrow before the San Antonio City Council votes on Thursday for this inexcusable 50%+ water rate hikes and “water grab” in Burleson County some 142-miles away.  We do not want to pay to drain our neighbors and we must refuse to pay for this developer giveaway to build in dry areas over the sensitive zones of the Edwards aquifer – our own drinking water supply. Call 210.207.7040 right now. Insist that Mayor Ivy Taylor (and your council member, if you live in the city of San Antonio) delay or stop Vista Ridge (the “San Antone Hose”) when they vote on the 50%+ rate hikes for Vista Ridge on Thursday.

Note:  Vista Ridge is some of the most expensive water in Texas and San Antonio doesn’t need that much water. Therefore, SAWS is looking to become a water broker in the region WITH YOUR DOLLARS!

More Background:

The “San Antone Hose” is set to hose the 400,000+ ratepayers of San Antonio Water System as a $3.4 billion giveaway to real estate developers to bring water to dry areas OUTSIDE San Antonio.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to tell the world San Antonio will never have drought restrictions — and ratepayers will pay the price for water hungry businesses to move in.

Vista Ridge is just one more way developers continue to offload the costs of growth onto the backs of current residents. That’s right, you’re paying for the infrastructure (roads, schools, water, etc.) for the newcomers. The lack of transparency on Vista Ridge is abominable. SAWS continues to withhold all kinds of information, a breach of open and ethical government. Most San Antonians we know believe a $3.4 billion project that carries so many risks to ratepayers and neighbors across the region, should have been put to a public vote. More here on Costs of Growth.

Want more information? Watch the video on our home page, sign the petition next to it and call or get your friends in the SAWS area to call San Antonio City Hall right away! LIV Home Page-

One thing SAWS did right. They left an exit provision in the contract that allows them to leave Vista Ridge for pennies on the dollar.

We’ll be back soon with other things you can do to help — regardless of what happens on Thursday.

We also need funds – see the DONATE button? ==> Now, get after it, Texans!

PS We are continuing our petition drive, so keep those signatures going from our home page or in person. Thank you all.

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