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Cedar Creek Residents Express Concerns at TCEQ — including video!

We are happy to provide a 29-minute video this portion of the TCEQ hearing held in Cedar Creek, Texas (Bastrop County) on September 18, 2017.  While you watch it, ask yourself whether this a proper location (Hwy. 21 near the junction of FM 812) for a waste transfer station?

This is a high-growth area due to its proximity to Austin. Residents and County Commissioner Mark Meuth, who has long lived in this area, raised very serious and legitimate concerns about traffic hazards. Phil Cook, a “water guardian” and 40-year resident, raised cogent concerns about water resources, including that TCEQ wasn’t even using up-to-date FEMA maps. Much of the property destined for this project is in a floodplain.

Our question is whether, in a post-Harvey world, state agencies are going to stop allowing the tail (industry) to wag the dog (citizens and their safety). The answer, in our view, is really up to the citizens placing proper demands on their officials.

We are proud of you Cedar Creek citizens who showed up, spoke your minds and asked hard questions — and you were polite too!

An organizing committee is active now in the Cedar Creek Community. We will help notify you of their upcoming meetings.

Meanwhile, we at the League of Independent Voters, will be co-hosting an event — “Bastrop Pow Wow” with Independent Texans on Monday, October 16. Hope to see y’all there!

Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

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