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Can independents win elections? If so, how?

Independent politics in Texas is blooming. Can we make it boom in 2022? Under what conditions might it happen this year?

The federal lawsuit filed in July 2019 challenging Texas ballot access laws for independent candidates and minor parties will soon be moving forward.

RSVP to attend tomorrow night's First Monday LIV Forum HERE or click the button below.

Susan Cook, Linda Curtis, and Kodi Sawin are petitioning to get on the ballot as independents for Hays County Commissioner (Pct. 4), Texas House in HD-17, and Texas House District 19.

And, here's a big deal for Bastrop County voters: Former Bastrop County Judge and Democrat Ronnie McDonald, is petitioning to get on the ballot to run again for the same seat, this time as an independent.

If you're petitioning to get on the ballot, please tell us and attend this forum.

Hoping to see y'all tomorrow night!

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