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Action, please!

So, you want to get active with LIV in your community, eh? Terrific. Onward, together, through the fog of American two-party electoral politics!

Seriously, we independent "fusionists" recognize there are good and not-so-good people in all parties. And, let's not forget the millions who do not participate at all.

LIV wants to see people involved in their communities in whatever way they choose to engage BUT to stop leaving out the politics. We know, we know. It's dirty. But did you stop washing your clothes when you discovered they were dirty?

OK, enough of this talk, talk, talk. 

Here's what you can DO.

  • First, call us at LIV. We actually love talking on the phone. You can also email us at We want to get to know you and vice versa.

  • Second, make sure you visit our About page and read our News section to see what we say about our organization and what we actually really DO.

  • Third, please take our most up-to-date survey on our Survey page. This will tell you what we're doing and where we are headed.

  • Fourth, contact LIV here to invite us to organize a meeting in your area.

  • Fifth, be sure to come to our next online forum. RSVP at our Events Page.

Are you considering calling us? Do it -- 512.213.4511. Hugs from LIV!

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