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TOP Joins Homegrown Petition Drive for SAWS Accountability

TOP Joins Homegrown Petition Drive for SAWS Accountability. Check it out.

LIV is developing “homegrown petitions” — petitions not reliant on big donors and, well, let’s call it “gastroturf”. Homegrown petitions also drive the hogs at the public trough nuts! Try stopping volunteers.

The SAWS Act PAC in San Antonio is a grand 20,000 signature homegrown petition drive to reform SAWS — a nearly billion dollar public water utility, we’ve been complaining, endlessly, for years. Now, a volunteer coalition is taking action.

Like them Facebook, following them on Twitter, contribute and help get San Antonio city voters to print and sign the petition and mail it back. If it works, it’s the new normal establishing up-from-the-bottom independent issue-oriented political organizing.

It’s all right here on the SAWS Act Website. Check out Texas Organizing Project’s endorsement of this effort — love those comments!

It’s really too bad that three female Texas democratic icons — Wendy Davis, MJ Hegar, and Chrysta Casteneda — filed suit to take their Green Party opponents off the ballot. Yeah, we get it. You just want to win in a winner take all elections process. More here in the Houston Chronicle — with one more hearing to go next week. Good news is at least the Dems added rank-choice-voting to their platform this year.

Don’t Mess with the Post Office!  The Post Office is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution. Nonetheless, President Trump has unwisely been messing with the agency. Y’all need to know about this lawsuit and get ready to vote. Those of us who use the Post Office are quite accustomed to standing in lines. 🙂

Do you think the two-party system needs a break? Our study group of Lee Drutman’s “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop” has begun. The purpose of our group it to inform our efforts at LIV about what it takes to get us all out of the winner-take-all, two party voting system. Give us a call or reply to this message if you’d like to join us.

Y’all take care to get ready to vote! Meanwhile, if you’re an independent, please consider becoming a member of LIV.

We wish our dear friend, Margie R, our well wishes for a quick recovery!

If you live in San Antonio, please add to your contact list to receive SAWS Act PAC emails.

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