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Stinky Billionaire: Keep Bastrop Boring

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

There's a billionaire in the hood in Central Texas. He moved his boring company into Bastrop County but apparently so fast, he forgot to get his permits to ensure proper waste disposal at his operation. Seriously? The richest man in the world can't take care of his doo-doo properly? Eww!

His neighbor, Chap Ambrose, made this terrific video, brilliantly challenging the billionaire while giving him some slack to do the right thing. Good for Ambrose. But, do please note the reference at the very end of the video.

It says the Boring Company's tunneling experiments are not but 1500 feet from the Colorado River.

Here's the real problem. The Texas Legislature, in its infinite lack of wisdom, has chosen not to give local governments the tools and enough local control to deal with bad actors and their stinky -- well, you know the word starts with "sh".

If the State of Texas won't protect its residents, maybe we need to. Let's all put down the guns and start working together towards an independent electoral revolt.

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